March 12, 2015

PHP7 and Symfony Performance

I missed the talk but these slides – PHP by Rasmus Lerdorf – inspired me to take a look for myself.

So I thought I’d run a very quick test to see how a fresh Symfony Framework 2.6.4 install performed on in comparison testing against PHP 5.6.6-dev vs PHP 7.0.0-dev.

I’m using a Rasmus’ Vagrant configuration and Apache Benchmark to target the demonstration “Hello World” script shipped with Symfony – and enabled on production.

The Results

I ran 600 hits with a concurrency of 100 and found that the mean for each was:

PHP 5.6.6-dev = 220.55 req/sec
PHP 7.0.0-dev = 341.77 req/sec

That’s a pretty impressive performance boost.

I’d love to see a Blackfire probe compatible with PHP7 to see where the performance gains are.